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Posted by Peter on 11/05/2017

As an avid rail user and Ivybridge resident since 1979 I am keen to see our ever expanding town gets a service it deserves in view of escalating traffic congestion for road users. I would like to see the following improvements but GWR have so far turned a deaf ear. The reinstatement of the lunchtime stop for the UP HST service and to facilitate days out by rail on a Sunday an early morning UP stopping service and a DOWN service later than 17:09. On a different subject, Cross Country are contemplating ceasing services west of Exeter from the Dec 2017 timetable what impact is envisaged, if any, on local services if that proposal is approved?

Posted by JEFFREY PAGET on 18/08/2016

why is there no bus connection Bigbury on Sea

Posted by Webmaster on 04/05/2016

Hello Barry. Please can you leave me some contact details either by including it in another guestbook comment (it will only be visible to me) or by leaving your details at the Town Hall. They will give you my details. I don't leave my personal contact details on the website.

Posted by Barry Clark on 21/04/2016

Having moved to Ivybridge last November, and as a frustrated rail user, I would be interested in joining the group. Regards, Barry

Posted by darren jeffrey on 30/10/2015   Email

Any possibility of one of the early early trains stopping in Ivybridge. I need to be in Exeter by 720.

Posted by Alan on 08/12/2014   Email

Best wish to IRUG Hope an Exeter/Newton Abbot scheme is found to keep Ivybridge & Torbay connected If it works for Stirling/Alloa, Bathgate/Airdrie & the Waverley project why not the South West?

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